How much is Home Health Care for Elderly

It’s the desire of many aging people to spend their old age at their own home freely. But sometimes due to neurological disorders like dementia and their declining health don’t allow them to do so.


The only option left to give them a healthy lifestyle is in-home care service. It’s a type of non-medical support provided by trained caregivers by home health care agencies to produce a comfort zone and freedom for elders.


 Here in this article, we will explain how much home health care is for the elderly and how you can pay for in-home care services.


Cost Of In-Home Care Services

The cost of in-home care for seniors depends on the number of hours a caregiver contributes to the elderly, the type of services they need, and the supplies essential to give a life of dignity to seniors. Every state has its in-home care charges in the US, but on average, it’s $4000 per month as per a survey administered by Genworth Financial’s cost of care survey.


Cost for In-Home Care Fluctuate as per Need

The cost mainly depends on the type of services; however, if your home care includes nursing services, it costs more, averaging about $7500 a month, which is much more than residential, skilled nursing services. Regardless of the survey, home health care always costs more than routine care because the agencies provide you with a team of certified specialists.


How to Pay for Home Health Care for Elderly

 Sometimes it’s challenging for seniors and families how to pay for home health care for the elderly, whether consideration is given at home or in a residential location. There are financial assistance possibilities available for in-home care services. Here we listed some of the feasibilities. Please read them carefully and avail one of them to reduce your financial pressure.


Medicare Financial Assistance

Patients taking non-medical care services that an MD or Physician does not prescribe are not eligible for Medicare financial assistance. Moreover, those taking any personal or companionship care services or receiving care for ADLs are also out of the standards. Medicare only supports those patients services who are:

  • Receiving care from Medicare-certified home health care agency
  • Declared homebound by a physician
  • Taking services under a physician guidance
  • Have in-home health care plan reviewed by a doctor regularly

Medicaid Financial Assistance

Medicaid is a federal and state financial assistant plan principally planned to help low-income people. As compared to Medicare, Medicaid also aids in non-medical in-home care along with medical services. For Medicaid assistants, the senior must prove that they both need medical and financial assistance and pass through several medical tests. Medicaid also helps in personal and companionship care services in some states of the US.


Veterans Benefits Financial Assistance

The Veterans Affairs (VA) serves the eligible veterans and their spouses with an extra monthly payment. This income almost wholly covers the in-home health care costs. This financial assistance depends on many factors, including the number of members in the household and the overall revenue.


Self Payment for In-Home services

Some families are also able to pay by themselves for in-home senior health care services. Some self payments options are:

  • Home care allowances
  • Long Term life insurance policy
  • Long Term Health Care insurance
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans


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