What are some recommendations for Covid-19 patient’s caregivers?

Millions of people suffered from the Covid-19 in different areas of the world. This fatal disease pushed many patients towards death. We must follow the SOPs to save ourselves from this disease. Covid-19 is a flu-like disease that spreads like an epidemic.

People caught this disease from the contact of hands, body parts, or the liquids of patients such as saliva. So, to prevent this disease, people must stay away from each other (approximately 6 feet). Respiratory droplets of the

You must keep in mind that the caregiver must have a healthy immune system. He must not be vulnerable to Covid-19. The caregiver must be a person with strong nerves. Here we go to solve the question: what are some recommendations for Covid-19 patient’s caregivers?

  • The patient must be in a separate room, and the caregiver should not come in direct contact with him.
  • The caregiver must ventilate the room daily. It will remove the respiratory droplets from the air and will help in disinfecting.
  • The health care providers must quarantine the health caregiver. If the caregiver has come in contact with the Covid positive patient, he must go to quarantine.

Following are the precautions and post-prevention measurements for the caregivers.

  • The caregiver must wear a mask before dealing with the patient.
  • Caregivers can ask the elderly to wear a mask before their treatment.
  • The caregiver should sanitize his hands before going to the room.
  • The caregiver must sterilize all the handling equipment.
  • If the caregiver is treating a Covid positive patient, he must wear personal protection equipment. For example, he can put on a mask, lab coat, or dress.
  • Wash your hands after dealing with the patient.
  • Wear gloves while taking samples from the throat, nose, or saliva of the patient. Discard the gloves in a dustbin after dealing with them.
  • Practice all the SOPs during your job.
  • Do not use the washroom or bedroom of the patient.
  • Do not use the drinks of the patient.
  • N-95 masks are suitable for patients as well as caregivers. The first responders from the family must also use these masks.
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet from the patient whenever it is possible.

If you are thinking about what home health care is covered by Medicare in Covid-19, the answer is here. Home health care for the elderly follows the same protocol as in the days before Covid. The Medicare facilities include health care, nursing assistance, different therapies like speech therapy or physiotherapy, etc. Some regular check-ups may be available in Medicare. But if you want to apply for Medicare, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria.


How to find home health care for the elderly?

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In this epidemic, it is crucial to consider every precaution to be safe from Covid-19. We can’t leave everything and sit at home, but it would be best to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

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