who qualifies for home health care services

Home health care is a crucial element of our country’s health system. Moreover, from the last couple of years, the National Center for Health Statistics data reveals that more than 4.5 million residents of the USA are using any home health care services, which would increase more than 40% in the coming years.


This data leads to Who Qualifies for Home Health Care Services in Los Angeles, California, and how to apply for home health care services.


How People Qualifies for Home Health Care Services

IHOMECARE Home Health Care California follows the rules and regulations set out by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) when deciding who qualifies for Home Health Care Services and how. Some people also search about the possible options from federal or state that help individuals and families afford the cost needed for home health care services.


Moreover, following CMS guidelines at IHOMECARE make it more beneficial that federal, state, and private insurance plans will cover the cost of our services.

Who qualifies for home health care services

How to Apply for Home Health Care Services

Before suggesting someone to IHOMECARE Home Health Care, it’s vital to remember that only a Medical Doctor (MD) or any Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) can prescribe home health care. Any other personalities, whether they are caregivers or qualified nurse staff, arent allowed to prescribe services. The Non-medical staff can initiate home care services just with verbal orders from DO or MD.


Guidelines to get Home Health Care

We know that searching for an eligible home health care team is a complicated task, especially when you need them the most. Our IHOMECARE Home Health Care Agency is there to release some stress from you.


IHOMECARE is always looking forward to you generating satisfaction to your elder’s faces and taking them back to the positivity of life. The following criteria must meet if you want To avail of this opportunity:


In Need of skilled care services: The person needs physical therapy, language therapy, and professional occupational therapy with skilled nursing. All these are skilled services.


Person-centered personal encounter: The direct face-to-face encounter is a part of a documented meeting organized to discuss home health care matters. Such organized meetings must not be delayed more than 90 days or before 30 days after the approval of the start of home health care services.


 Homebound person: Someone who cannot leave home may consider homebound and has an ordinary disability the most deserving of home care services. From our experts’ experience, taking such persons to health care units requires a lot of effort and may produce complications.


Under the Guidelines of an MD: Anyone taking home health care must indicate that they follow physician guidelines.


Primary Speedy Diagnosis: It’s also a necessary key point to consider while applying for home care services.


Plan of Care (POC): The caregivers must have a proper plan of care on which they act. Once a plan of care is done, and a suitable method is in place, the in-home MD must examine it periodically or before the caregiver services.








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